Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Laundry, what laundry?

While I'm in a blogging groove here, I thought to play catch-up with my posting....since it's been a wee while. Doh! Too much busy-ness.

Anyhow, that fairytale quilt has been long-armed, bound and slept under for a while now. Here 'tis with the kiddo's bed friends.

Some progress has been made on the granny square blanket. This one's going too slowly for my liking, but perhaps I just need to accept it for the tortoise-speed project that it is. Maybe it'll be finished in time for next winter.

And guess what new craft I've learned this year?! Claudine came over a few weeks ago and taught me the knitting basics. So now I know how to cast on, cast off, do garter and do stocking stitch. Hopefully, that's enough for the moment until I can actually finish a project within days, let alone months. For someone so used to whipping a little something in no time, I'm still a tad slow.

And while we wait for the real birthday pressie to arrive, the kiddo will be tearing into this package tonight. After cake (I told the geezer to hunt for one at short notice...this one has crept up on us) and candles. Hopefully she likes it!

Now I really need to attend to the laundry.