Monday, June 15, 2009

Long weekend

It would seem like I'm forever playing catch-up on this blog nowadays. But since I still love writing the blog posts, catch-up it'll have to be.

Two weekends ago was the Queen's Birthday long weekend. Us being in a commonwealth country and all, we get the benefit of the additional public holiday for a well-earned getaway to cold and windy Canberra.

The kid loved looking at the little miniature English village. But the oohing was reserved for the teeny tiny castles. I actually remembered to bring the camera this time around. So I was snapping away at every opportunity........posing in front of castles.

Waiting on orange benches with trusty new friends.

And just being a plain ole goof. (Belinda, the kiddo loves the skirt! And so do I.)

Notice all the handmade in each pic?

Ahem, someone else made the castle, but it was definitely made by hand.