Monday, August 10, 2009

Blathering again

I'm making messes in the real world, but here I insist on some order.....and some pretty.

A bunch of sweetpeas for you. A shame you can't smell their sweet perfume.

I camped out on the couch last weekend binding the quilt. There's still a long way to go.

But at least there's these cute drool-catchers. They've gone to live with a wee kitty.

Also, I'll fess up to the growing pile of unfinished projects I have. Shall I?

(1) Crochet granny blanket, woefully folded away waiting for a bit of interest

(2) Cardi for the kiddo, my first real knitting thing. Back is done, one front side halfway up

(3) Binding on the spare room quilt, only a fifth of the way through

(4) Three-quarter sleeve top, pattern traced and cut, fabric uncut. Waiting for the ordered replacement overlocker manual, due to me misplacing the old manual in the big move last year

(5) Linen tulip skirt.....oops, I finished this one! Must display on the blog window

(6) Print & assemble 60 invites for my sister's wedding. Waiting for card stock

(7) Sew flowers onto three flower girl dresses. Ack! I've got the design in my head, just need to put it down on paper

You can imagine the mess all those projects create. I dread to step into the craft room right now.....and I used to keep the half-done projects at a minimum. On the bright side, there's really six on the list. I'll put the skirt on tomorrow and throw on a coordinating outfit before I take a photo.

Hope everyone's having a good week! I'll lurk on everyone else's blogs during the next few days (I'm so behind!). For now the lids are getting droopy.

Night night!

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Thimbleanna said...

Those little bibs are adorable! And how brave you are to list your UFOs -- if I did that I'd have to buy more space from my server!