Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trying out Liberty

Well, it was grey, drab and the skies were bucketing down in Sydney. I ended up picking up my fave rainy day distraction......sewing. This was me prepping the cutting table. Our dining table. Ha!

I was inspired by this starry Liberty fabric (cute frock!) but decided to mix it up with the pretty Meg pattern from Citronille. Really, if I can decipher japanese characters, I must be able to figure out the French language. After all, I'm living with a near-frog.

Except the geezer got schtumped with some of the sewing jargon. Ah well! At least he knew the bits that mattered, like seam allowance, stitching lines and fabric. We all have our limits.

So here tis, my version of Meg. Except, I modified the pattern loads by adding inside facings to the top part of the dress, shirred the midsection (didn't want the muu-muu look) and added some emergency length to the hem. Yep, I persuaded the geezer to drive by Tesutti this morning to get another half metre just to finish the hem. I already had the pretty Liberty fabric from a spur-of-the-moment online shopping session one night in November.

You can sort of see where I added to the hem in the photo below. Note to self, the French like their hemlines to mid-thigh. Very, very short.

Now I'm just debating if I should add two more rows of shirring on the bottom part of that waist. What do you reckon, bloggy peeps? Is it enough?

Hmm, I'm definitely looking a lot more hip-py nowadays. Bye bye, waist. Hello middle age spread!

Cheerio, folks! I think I'll do a power walk around the block and try get rid of Christmas dinner.


2paw said...

Oh your new dress is gorgeous!! I love the print and your shirring is fab!!

sophie said...

so gorgeous, love, love!!!! I think leave the shirring alone, it's perfect - and gimme a break with the middle age spead, what a joke!!

Colette said...

Love your Citronelle dress..glad to see you in it!

Would you mind if I added it onto our Flickr group along with your other great Tessuti creations?

Hope you enjoy the New Years celebrations.

x Colette

Colette said...

Forgot to say....no more shirring rows required.

sue said...

Your so talented and your dress looks gorgeous on you. Perfect thing to do on a rainy day!

Thimbleanna said...

You sure look great to me! You're such a talented seamstress Jade -- the dress turned out beautifully! I love all the changes you made -- excellent job!

Louise said...

Oh Jade it's gorgeous. I think the added bit at the bottom looks like it was meant to be and don't change the shirring - it's just right. Very inspiring!

Cass said...

Jade do not add anything more shirring. It looks absolutely fantastic and you can definitely pull the short length off.

Laura said...

Love this dress Miss. mmmm may need to find that pattern in my size. And, when you are basically boobless, like me, the short dress thing can be used as a distraction... problem is at our age we are getting the old-knee look. What's left now!?

RheLynn said...

You did an excellent job! It looks very elegant.