Sunday, January 03, 2010


My first post for the new year! Woo hoo!....about my first finished crafty project.

I found out about this Cynthia Rowley pattern from this place in the blogosphere. It looked cute. It looked easy. I'll attempt it sewing with this digital print silk from Tessuti. Very ambitious. Quick project, no?

I have sooo much to learn! Argh! I'll sum up the entire ordeal with this - silk sewing is friggin' slippery. While cutting it was moving. While gathering the sleeve cuffs it was moving. While sewing it was moving.

I had to unpick, recut and reshape the neckline after a major stuff-up, where I couldn't get it to sit flat. Puckers everywhere, wonky stitching, you name it. I wanted to cut this thing to shreds.

So this is more of a boat shaped neckline (the aftermath of my scissor attack on the original neckline). Very comfy and with the right bling, kinda hip-looking.

I can see how this dress can be sewn up in two hours (it took me two days), if you're using a cotton-ish type of fabric. Next time, if there ever is a next time, I'll scale back to a silk-cotton blend.

Hope everyone had a great new year transition!


Thimbleanna said...

I love all the clothes you make Jade! Here's to hoping an early post in 2010 means there will be lots more!

Belinda said...

Maybe you need to use that stuff that Collette has talk about on her blog for lightweight fabric. At least that would help with the cutting. It looks fab, based on the pic. Love the fabric! looks great made up.

For me I think I would need to deepen the neckline, but love the 3/4 sleeve. I think I'll be looking for a lightweight cotton to make mine.

It was fun catching up the other day! We must try and book something in on a monthly basis once things settle down. Love Bx

Louise said...

Happy New Year Jade! What a cute little number that is and you are so brave trying the slippery fabric. I really need to get sewing some clothing again!

Colette said...

Yes must cut that stuff out between our brown or spot'n'cross paper, it makes such a difference. Also to help with sewing slippery silk - try tear-away. You need to come in and I'll explain some more...infact I'll give you some to try. You're just too use to that easy cotton you've been sewing so much of lately. Silks not that scary - unless of course your sewing chiffon...eeek!

Your dress turned out pretty good nevertheless!

Belinda said...

That looks great! Very hip.