Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holiday snaps

Can I still be on holiday? Puhleeze? I'm in big-time denial. Huge.

We had clear skies, hot sunny days.....really the best weather, even though it was sprinkling back in Sydney.

This is the view from the front porch of the cottage.....where I did a bit of knitting. I can almost smell the salty sea air just looking at these photos.

As you walk up to the lighthouse and look down to the beach, you can see the main lighthouse keeper's cottage. We stayed in the assistant keeper's cottage, just behind the trees to the right.

And that was the perfect beachy, do-nothing, laze-about holiday!

I'm still dealing with the yarnage. He he he!


PS. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about the kiddo's cardi. Even though it's madness in this heat and humidity, I have this weird compulsion to work on yarn projects. I'm sure it will soon pass. Then we can get back to feeling up the fabric.


Belinda said...

nice snaps! Love it there is just a great spot.

Belinda said...

I meant to write such a great spot..Bx

Cass said...

Jade looks fantastic, glad you had a great time

Louise said...

Hi Jade, looks like a lovely place to holiday. And how weird, I too only feel the desire to knit or crochet in Summer! I always think it means I'll get some fabulou cardy made for myself to wear in winter but it never happens. A scarf is about the limit to my knitting patience these days! xx

sue said...

What a gorgeous place to holiday! Love the knitting too!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like the perfect holiday Jade! Your yarn looks yummy. Isn't it funny how we go in spurts of yarn, then fabric and start all over again???

nicolette said...

Can we swap houses? I would love a holiday in that wonderful place!

We’re in the midst of Winter and all I can think of is crispy, clean, colourful and happy cottons! I have always loved to knit during Summer, but... our Summers are not so crazily hot!

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