Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heat crazed

I'm definitely losing my marbles....since I seem to be the only ninny who would knit in this heat.

But I'm on a mission. So with the help of these two books, I finally casted-off, blocked and buttoned the cardigan for the kiddo. My second knitted thing and my first real knitted garment. Woohoo!

Soft, old rosy pink Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn from I forgot where (it only took me six months to make this) and pink-ish tortoiseshell buttons from Tesutti, acquired last year.

Don't look too closely. There's so many mistakes in this one. Most of it is hidden in the seams and the rest, well, I'm not going to show. So let's just pretend its a pretty good specimen of woolliness. After all, this appears to be the year that I'm into up-skilling and expanding my crafty knowledge. First, the slippery sewing and now with the garment knitting.

Next I'll be casting on a scarf for the geezer, since apparently I don't make anything for him. It'll be the perfect beach holiday past time, 'cos we're off driving up the coast tomorrow (bound for here) and I'll need to keep my fingers busy.

Just to show you how hot and stinky it was today, here's little miss sweaty face on this morning's walk up at the Gap Park.

Cheerio! And for the locals......Happy Australia Day!


sue said...

Happy Australia Day to you too. It does look very hot where you are. I love your knitted cardigan, it looks beautiful. I cant see any mistakes so those 2 books must be wonderful to use. I hope to see more of your wonderful knitting!

nicolette said...

Happy Australia Day Jade!

The knitted cardigan looks so sweet and so does your little girl!

Di said...

I love the cardigan and Baby Cashmerino is a dream to knit with!

Wow - your holiday destination looks fantastic! I hope that you have a fabulous time!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, look at the cute little Bub! (You know we love our Bub pictures!)

That sweater is adorable! It looks like you did a fantastic job. I don't think 6 months is long at all -- I have a terrible track record for finishing things. I'm hoping to get back to my three year sweater tonight LOL. I've been putting it off 'cause I'm almost to having to pick up stitches for the button band -- a job I seriously dislike. YOUR button band looks fantastic!

Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day and will have a fun vacation!

Louise said...

What a sweet little cardy - well done!! I seem strangely drawn to knitting at this time of the year too. Have a lovely break and I think a scarf is a perfect holiday craft!

~ Kim ~ said...

How pretty. I started knitting a bolero for baby but I stopped as it prob. wouldn't fit her by the time I finished. Ha ha. Happy Oz Day too. What about this heat? Yuck.

Suzy said...

The cardigan looks beautiful! Hope you have a lovely holiday. x

Karen said...

Wow, your second knitting thing? It looks great!!

bee-abi said...

The cardi is gorgeous. I might just knit that one next for Chantelle.

Timmi said...

I'm expecting my second child and even though it's over 30 degrees today, I'm off to buy wool for his/her first winter blanket.