Saturday, November 06, 2010

If you can't beat em

I'm the most apathetic blogger ever. Two weeks feels too long to be away from the internets...and I did get my crafting mojo back by the way. Thanks, bloggy peeps, for the encouragement!

I ran away and joined this merry bunch for our regular sew-a-thon last weekend. The geezer and the kiddo had to fend for themselves. I was super productive, I even surprised myself!

Ah, ladies, thanks for another fabulous getaway! I so needed it. Work was driving me around the bend.

Anyhow, last weekend there was much talk about so-and-so tweeting this and that, I knew I was seriously out of the loop. Dang this day job! And since, I've been so sporadic in this space, I've taken the leap and joined the tweeting sisterhood.

I'm right here @dizzyjadey, wanna be friends? Don't get your hopes up, though. Blogging with only a few choice words takes real skill. So if you receive a twitter invite from me recently, I'm not stalking. Just joining.


PS. I'll save the sewing show-and-tell for a few posts.


Di said...

Hello!! I am so glad you got your crafting mojo back! Can't wait to see what you made. I'm just back from the only craft fair I go to every year - it was fun - but we were outside and it was about 5 degrees all day....brrr....

Chookyblue...... said...

heard it was another wonderful weekend.........did you sew to the wee hours???

bee-abi said...

Hi Jade. Love the top you made. Glad to hear that you got your mojo back also. I'm sure you will love tweeting too with the girls. I'm still not up there yet with an iphone and tweeting.
Fi x