Monday, November 08, 2010

Sew-a-thon swag part 1

Could not decide which finished garment to show was a toss up. Please excuse the creases. We were in a rush and the geezer was literally snapping these pics as we walked out the door yesterday.

Anyhow, you may have seen a different version of this dress here or here. I personally love this pattern. Just cut in one piece from extremely drapey knit fabric. I chose this soft mauve cotton modal from where else.

This was the already cut-up dress pattern and fabric that was patiently waiting to be sewn up......for three months. I was planning to take this to Hawaii. Gah!

Slightly different neck and armhole finishing than the pattern. I also left the hem unfinished, as I like the slouchy look when it sort of rolls back on itself. I've decided to use it more as a tunic top instead of a dress, scrunching the bottom up to get the grungy, slouchy look.

Looks great with this pair of purple tie-dye tights I picked up for ten buckeroonies in a hippy market up in Taree last month. Just throw on a jacket and you're ready to go.


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nikkishell said...

Your drape dress looks fab!