Thursday, November 23, 2006

Manic time

Its so easy to while away the time just reading blogs and doing some internet windowshopping...procrastinating about all the other errands I'm meant to be doing by deliberate distraction. There's the place to clean, laundry to fold, credit card bills to pay, child care to book and the bub's purees to make among other things. Then the pile of projects I've set up for myself. Guess the housie things are more important at the moment as its now manic time. I'll need to open and admire my brand spanking new sewing machine this afternoon, too!

Before I sign off, here's an oldie. Painted way back in my early teens. That's an eagle on the tree branch. The piece is based on a photograph taken by my uncle.

Rightyho! Chop chop!

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