Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where the heart is

Its in the spare bedroom taking a nap and somewhere in a building in St Leonards, probably having lunch. Hmmm. There's an idea for a piece of art in that sentence.

I came from a walk with the lil' sweetpea and brought some goodies home - nope no magazines today. However there's some gift wrap paper that I might use as inspiration for decorating later on. The chandelier paper is especially pretty.

I really need to make a trip to Eckersley's and stock up on some art supplies. I've just used up all my canvasses and am also wanting some acrylic paints. What a tosser I am!!! Some time ago I gave away a whole stash of unfinished paint tubes, because I thought I was going to concentrate on oils. Bahh! Well, I'll just have to fork out for the paint. Doesn't matter, as I enjoy art supply shopping.

Also here's progress on the bubby quilt (from mum) I'm making which I should have started months ago when I was pregnant, but didn't.

Nothing too crash hot, just a bit of embellishment to make it more interesting. I haven't got a sewing machine at home, so I'll just finish all the hand stitching before I go to my mum's and borrow her machine to do the hems.

The weekend was excellent but waaayy too short! The grubby bub is sweet and growing quickly. She's getting heavy (owww, my back!).


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