Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back on for one and all

Finally, the gods of the blogging world have responded and I've got the toolbars again, so photos shall be displayed for all to see again. Me needs to remember to resize the pictures for web pages, otherwise Blogger will spit the dummy. Yikes!

This is a painting of a frangipani I did about three years ago on cheap-and-cheerful canvass board. I was experimenting with looser and bigger brushstrokes, as well as letting the colours mix on the canvass. It measures about 15" x 20". Not a bad size for a flower painting.

I'm dabbling a lot with different styles at the moment in my art, while I try to find my niche. I think the personal style takes a while to develop, although I can see glimpses of it here and there. There definitely is a commonality between the pieces but nothing that I can put my finger on. Other people might, I dunno.

Anyhow, I missed my art class on Saturday due to my aforementioned nut intolerance. So I'll have to play catch-up this week. I'm going to be behind on the painting of the bub's tootsies.

Also, I've started another blog called sweetpeakins to note down all my sewing, crafting and other hobby whatnots, seeing as this is mostly about art. Both blogs should keep me busy while I see out my year-at-home-with-the-bub.

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