Friday, December 01, 2006

The next piece of art.........

Will be of the grubby bub's footsies. Maybe from this photo?

Again, I'll be playing with the blurry effect for the painting and try to develop a technique so that it looks like a watercolour. Don't know if it'll work with this one, as this will be a smaller piece. Maybe 15" x 15"??? Need to check the canvasses tomorrow.

I'm being inspired to create at the moment. Mostly the ideas end up on my journal cum sketchbook, for development later, when I'm feeling lost. These are top of my mind right now.

- My amazon wishlist of impressionist art books by Taschen
- Fabric prints from the eQuilter site
- The grubby bub, of course!
- Big sky days with lots of light
- Flicker of candle flame against the wax when its melted down into a well
- Visiting the flower markets
- Various interior design books
- The grubby bub's books

I wish there were heaps of hours in a day to do everything!

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