Monday, December 11, 2006

Not really working

Managing two blogs is very time consuming. I should've known.....duhhh!! So I've decided to stop updating the other one and just combine both the art and craft stuff here. Just from reviewing both blogs, this one is definitely the more interesting read. I don't know how other ladies do it. Most of the craft bloggers out there in internet-land are also full-time mothers and/or working in day jobs. Not to mention styling, shooting and uploading the photos. It all looks so perfect.

Anyway, my objective for starting the blog was to place pictures of my paintings somewhere, before they all disappear or are given away. By the way, the trio of jacaranda paintings that I made earlier have made their way to one of my best friends for her birthday and she loved them.

Oops, the grubby bub is squealing at the TV......oh, she's just copying the cartoon kids. Speaking of the little patoutie (new pet name), this is the original photo I used as basis for the bub's oil painting. Its sitting in the hallway at the moment, still waiting for the edges to dry. I'll load this up very soon.

Today's inspiration: Shih - the opposite of facts and raw information, the elegance of knowledge, the insight and skill to form meaning. Been reading the Neverness books for the 2nd time around and have rediscovered the alien concepts in the book. I was a huge sci-fi fiction reader about 10 years ago and decided to pick them up again....anyway, there's a sketch in the journal about "shih".

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