Thursday, January 11, 2007

Resolutions, blech

Like I said I'm a slow poke and although I mentioned before that I don't do resolutions, I'll give in to the phrase "life goals". I'm not going to restrict them to just this year. Otherwise, they may never ever happen. Then I'll just feel unfulfilled. This way I can evaluate it all when I become a doddering old biddy and hopefully have no regrets.

1) Spend wiser (and a lot less). Very important, since I'm technically unemployed at the moment.

2) Be in the moment of every minute, every aware of everything, take notice and don't take anything for granted.

3) Aim to make an alternate career doing something art-related. This is definitely long term, but there's no time like the present to start.

4) Work in an area where there is creative freedom.

5) Live a more healthy and environmentally aware lifestyle. I've just noticed how much we waste at home and since there's really only two of us (the half human who still can't crawl doesn't count), this is all the more shocking.

6) Declutter, declutter, declutter. We've been slowly editing our library, and my wardrobe in the past few months, giving away books to the salvos and various work colleagues who'll take them. The rest has just gone into the rubbish. (Of course, all this decluttering has just made room for the bub's junk!)

In our efforts to declutter, I've managed to unearth this colourful set of ceramic coasters which I made some time back when I used to do ceramic painting. Thought I've lost these! So there are some rewards, aside from just achieving a neat and tidy home.

Before I sign off, heres a sneak peak of the two kitty stuffies I've been making. I still need to finish off the features of the 2nd kitty so its looking very steiner'ish at the moment. The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls. There's also a link on the sidebar if this is of any interest.

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