Friday, February 09, 2007

The Next Trio

I have something to confess....I'm addicted to Etsy! I was doing my own thing yesterday, restraining myself from the computer, because you know I was actually painting. And anyway after the three blog posts the other day it would just appear bizarre to be adding another so soon. Besides I had nothing much to add here, except a heap of boring stuff.

So I allowed myself a sneak peak at the machine after two hours of solid painting (almost burnt the bub's food!!!) and surfed right on to etsy. No joke! Under 5 minutes I had already racked up 2 purchases, realised what had happened and then I had to unpack my cart.

Anyway, there were a lot more lovelies left, which I'd earmarked, but I'm going to have to ban myself from etsy for the rest of the month.

Onto the actual post topic, I finally finished the set of small canvasses that were languishing on the work table....I had neglected them because I couldn't figure out the colours. For want of a better title, they're called "I love my teddy 1", "...2" and "...3". They're painted on 5"x7" canvass board in acrylic and ink.

Okay, accomplished #3, #4 and #5 for the summer studio challenge. Yay!

I think they look better bunched together!


jennifer said...

do you have an etsy shop?

i opened up one over the summer...i am a horrible business person. anyhow maybe you could give me some tips!!

jennifer said...

not to be a bad influence though!! oh gosh!!!

dizzyjadey said...

Yes, I do have an etsy shop, but its a poor excuse of one :-(