Friday, February 02, 2007


It seems that I'm always finding ways to avoid house work nowadays and spend time reading all of your blogs or updating my own. Sometimes to the detriment of my art *gasp*. Sad, but true! So I'm going to give myself a huge kick in the butt and get a move on with the list of projects that need doing.

1) These have been in the same state for a week (or more?) now and need to be finished. I'm giving myself a deadline of 14 days from now to make them presentable.

2) Finish the purple kittie stuffie, it still doesn't have a face?!

3) Start designing and putting together the piece for this swap

4) Start piecing the humungous quilt top for the geezer and me

5) Start cutting and making two birthday presents

6) Finish this painting of the bub's footsies

7) Lastly, a secret project for the bub which will be revealed in good time.

Now I'm going to retire to the couch with a cup of chai and be like a potato for a bit. These bits of eye candy will be keeping company.

As an aside, I have a huge pile of back issues of Real Living taking up space and waiting to be decluttered. Its an aussie home decoration mag. Don't know if its available overseas. Would anyone be interested in swapping old decorator/craft magazines with me?

Here's some more pages from a previous issue, November 2006.

Edit: I just asked the geezer to look into how much postage to everywhere else around the world would be for magazines cos they're heavy, right.....and geeze louise! Okay, I don't really have the dosh for this at the moment, being a full-time mum - so instead of landfill it'll all just have to go to the local freecycle. Declutter, declutter, declutter!

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