Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rounded or pointy?

Yesterday the bub and I went out on a well-deserved trip to hunt out some fabric and notions for a few presents-in-the-making. My local patchwork shop is very traditional in their fabric design choices. I needed to find the contemporary stuff further afield.

I've been wanting to check out this place for a while now since they normally blog about new stuff that has just come into the shop....and here's me drooling over the images of fabric they post. I have to say, they have a very good eye for colourful and cute prints! And of course, I couldn't walk away empty handed. (Photo above of new acquisitions...with some Superbuzzy stuff mixed in the pile) Whew! I'll have to pat myself on the back for my restraint. I could've done some serious damage in there.

Next stop is embroidery floss to finish this!

My second pincushion made out of tweeds.......which I was hunched over 1am last night, hell-bent on finishing the stitching. Those squiggly things are meant to be four-leaf clovers. Oh well! Its the idea that counts. This is part of mum's birthday present.

Then, off we went to our next stop to get zippers and d-rings for my sister's bag. My sleep is still being plagued with images of how to construct this bag.....gusset or no gusset.....zips or ties......rounded or pointy corners? Unfortunately, its still a work in progress, 'coz I didn't find any d-rings.......unless I rip some out one of my old belts. Now there's an idea!

If I can't work on this bag today, I'll just have to cut and piece some more of my monza quilt.


picklesticks said...

Thanks for your comment. Its so exciting when someone enjoys my blog. I love the fabric you have on this post, so cute! The drawings you have for that bag look impressive. I will have to come back to see how it goes.

Sarah said...

Hey thanks for the link, glad you like the fabrics :) Sarah