Monday, March 19, 2007

Wish I made this

Scrummylicious chocolate fudgey cake from my mother-in-law. Very rich and very in I can eat more and more of it.

When I'm running out of blog material, I turn to nice food, nice china and nice table linen.

Unfortunately, I didn't make this either......a quilted placemat from here. The geezer had these ancient orange stained placemats that permanently occupy the shelf under the coffee table, sometimes they're on the top. Despite their ugliness, we kept them to save the surface of the coffee table. They also represented the last vestiges of the geezer's singlehood, hence I restrained myself from tossing them in the rubbish too early.

Anyway, last week as the bub and I were window shopping along our local strip I happened upon these quilted placemats and caved in to my consumerist tendencies. Yeah, I could have made some and probably improved upon the design, but who needs delayed gratification when I've long delayed the binning of those orange uglies.

This pretty china cup and saucer I didn't make....but I wish I did.

I used to do a lot of ceramic painting way back and there's still a few of my stuff pottering around, but I'll save those for another post.

The chai, however is made by me. Hope you're having a good start to your week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss! Happy birthday...hope you're having a good one. K