Monday, May 21, 2007

Etsy ahoy

Thank you, thank you, dear blog readers! You don't know how encouraging and helpful your comments were, especially the ones you left on the last post. I tried to find email addresses and blogs to each of the comments so that I can personally thank you myself, but it just wasn't please count this as my gesture of gratitude in response to you.

Gathering from the title you can surmise that, yes, I shall be opening an etsy shop soon-ish. It will be a start and then I'll just go with the flow from there. I'm giving myself a month or so, to sew up the smocks, a mixture of summer and winter versions. I'll reveal the summer version on this blog within the next few weeks. At the moment, its still in my imagination....but it looks just as good as the corduroy ones.

Just for a change of pace, I whipped up this peasant style top for the bub on the weekend. You can see the cute flower print on the photo above. Its still a bit big on her, but should be right in time for the southern hemisphere spring. I even got some crochet lace to embellish the hem, but it seem too froufrou with the lace after I pinned it on. So I kept it simple.

Above is more evidence of the weekend.......lots of pattern making and cutting for the larger sizes. There's a pile of tissue paper on my work table at the moment and I'm itching to start pinning it to some uncut corduroy. But first I must tidy up the flat!


claudine said...

Love that top. Good luck with all the shop preparation, Jade! Making some pocket money out of my crafting obsession is one of my dreams too. So good on you for making yours happen! :)

Belinda said...

So glad you are taking the next step! Looking forward to seeing you summer smock. Happy sewing!!

Corrie said...

oh that is cute! you will do so well as you have such an eye for colour and are a great sewer!

I got so many fabrics I want to make for keira right now....I just need the time