Friday, May 25, 2007

Inspiring me

I've got kids clothes and kids stuff on my mind nowadays...and with the making of these smocks its always constant.

At the moment, I'm inspired from this catalogue I picked up from a local kids shop called Sista Life. They stock a lot of European brands like Cakewalk, Pak Huis Oost and Room Seven....pricey but their sales assistants are so friendly. They actually invited me in just to have an oggle around, unheard of round these parts! Anyway, have a look at the gorgeous sock reindeer and the girly, ruffled, flowery bed linen (see lower centre).

Then there's these two dresses that I want to make for the bub's summer wardrobe, from this japanese craft book. I'm still figuring out the pattern.

While we're on japanese craft books, has everyone seen this informative post by Moving Hands? I'd say its a "must read" for anyone who wants to make sense of those craft book patterns.

And since we're talking inspiration Claudine had tagged me last week to list down my five....only five???....favourite blogs. I can't just give you five, she pleads....from one who has 198 listed in her bloglines, but I'll try my hardest to whittle it down to my favourite five. So here goes...
  1. Crazy Aunt Purl - hilarious, funny exploits about a supposed knitting gal
  2. Tree Fall - did you see all the crafty goodness she managed to cart back from New York?
  3. Moonstitches - those little owlets still amaze me, as well as the occasional peek into another culture
  4. SouleMama - her photos and her craft projects are so inspiring, they belong in a magazine
  5. Angry Chicken - another crafty blog that looks like a magazine spread

There are heaps of others, but we'll be here forever. And the weekend is looming. And I've got some more fabric to cut. And I've got to start planning for someone's birthday bash....And. And. And. And it just never ends.


Edit: Doh! In my haste to do some boring chores, I forgot to pass the baton and tag some peeps. However, I suspect that I've lost some momentum here 'cos I didn't do it then. So if you feel like doing this meme, just let me know so that I can read it on your blogs.


kirsty said...

Love love love the little suitcase/bag with the toadstool house on it! And the little dresses anr NEARLY as cute as the little models!

dottie angel said...

thanks for 'delurking' on my's lovely to know that you visit :)

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Di said...

I love the inspiration! I can't wait to see what you make for the bub!!

Dana said...

Hi Jade, thanks for coming over and visiting! I love your smocks - have you seen my apron frocks? hee hee. I only have baby stuff on my mind, too. I was lost when I went shopping for myself yesterday..

tiel said...

love that dress on the top....hope you figure out the patterns and show and tell.