Friday, July 27, 2007

Time's out

I had such high hopes to make more stuff this week for the market tomorrow. But the bub ended up with tonsillitis early this week and wanted cuddles badly every time she saw me. So the plans to make more stuff got dashed.

But I did get to finish these last two pram blankies. The patchwork design is a lot simpler and so is the quilting.

The ruler fabric ended up on the binding for both. They both look rather cute!

Hopefully, the cute busy prints will appeal to people.

I'm getting excited about tomorrow.....and if the weather promises to behave, we should have a good day of it, too.


leslie said...

they are great. i wish i had twins. and needed super cute blankets. i'm sure they will sell tomorrow. enjoy!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Jade! They're adorable. Good Luck tomorrow!

Old School Acres said...

I really like your choice of fabrics. Especially the 2nd one. So cute.

Di said...

Love the blankets! Hope market goes well - can't wait to hear your stories!!

Dudley Redhead said...

They did look wonderful in real life too! nice to see you at the markets. I realised I didn't linger long - a bit too chilly i think.thanks for the illustration friday tip!
I wish I'd had a closer look at the books. Love a potato print. said...

Hi! It was fantastic meeting you at your stall this morning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent (as well as helpful advice) with the world!
Susan Chan (fellow Harry Potter fan)