Friday, November 23, 2007

He says, she says

(pretty sea shells courtesy of Leslie, thank you!)

5 things the geezer says:

Where's Jasper? (1st thing when he gets in the door....doesn't ask for me or the bub)
What's for dinner?
I'm staaaarving.....I could eat my arm off.
Can you get away from the computer tonight? Or do I need to make a date with you?

5 things I say:

You're hogging the blanket! Again!
Where's Daddy?
Haven't thought that far guess.
Five minutes.
Five minutes.

Who do you think is the more annoying? Ha!


Thimbleanna said...

How funny Jade! The computer comment and five minutes are present in our conversation every day too! LOL!!!!

Corrie said...

oh I always say where's daddy! most of the time daddy's not home but we still say it to distract her and get her moving!

you've got me thinking now about what I say and what hubby says! I think one of my favourites is I work long hours too you know!

Di said...

The geezer of course! Because we could never be annoying no matter how hard we try!!!

de vliegende koe said...

My sweet man is almost always travelling, I should not be able to work or blog or whatever without my own computer. I did not see any annoying lines in the She said....