Sunday, January 11, 2009

The rudeness

So the past week has been a rude and abrupt awakening. (The geezer should just throw a bucket of cold water at me in the morning, but lets not encourage that) Back to the blah humdrum of corporate life and I struggled. Oh, how I struggled! I’m a bit of a sleepy grump in the mornings. One caffeine hit a day isn’t enough.

But I’m persevering with keeping up the creative momentum. A row or three every night, in front of the boob tube. See here the beginnings of a stripey thing.

It’s way distracting to pass a yarn shop on the way home everyday and not venture in for a look-see. This inevitably results in me venturing in, imagining a new project in my mind to match whichever wool hank I’m petting, handing over some dosh and failing to exert will-power again. Resistance is futile!

I’m finding there is a direct relationship between my resuming the crafting and the increased lure of the craft supply shops. Using up the stash equals the need to replenish. No creativity, no stash movement equals piles gathering dust, forgetting what’s in the stash (where did I hide those buttons?) and potential for said fabric stash to be transformed into a nest for rabid spiders………….by the way, the geezer valiantly gassed and squashed five large huntsmans (vile cretins!) since we moved five months ago, even though he’s secretly a quivering mess inside when he sees them, too. Ain’t love grand? Anyhow, more incentive for me to keep up the crafting.

This weekend I swear to reply and/or comment back to everyone who’s popped in here. I’ve been abysmally poor at the replies. So rude. And although I’ve apologised before to you bloggy peeps for the poor standards here, I'm very appalled at myself for letting it get to this state. Thanks again for understanding and continuing to visit.

One more tidbit before I sign off, here’s an interesting article I came across via this great site. Cos I need to wash my mouth out every now and then. The kiddo, all innocent-like, said the f-word back to me the other day. (Mum, she only said it once, and she knows its a naughty word now) Guess who she picked it up from. Gah!



Louise said...

Oooh such lovely crochet and colours. Good article - I could modify the old mouth a bit too!!! Mind you, I'm sure way worse is spoken in the playground at school!

Di said...

Happy New Year! I went back to work this week too and I am really not sure what I achieved or where the rest of this year will go! The crochet is great. I haven't picked up knitting needles in weeks - been making baby blankets instead - must get on to the knitting again soon.

We instigated a swear box at work this week - it's helping to stop us - but we still managed to put £2 in in a week!!

nicolette said...

Wonderful crochet Jade!

Good luck with your language...! It’s funny to read about...I’m from an era in which there was not a lot of swearing going on... Nowadays some TV series have no sentence without the F word. No wonder people and kids take over the habit!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Yuck. Oh Yuck, oh yuck. I clicked on that link. I knew I shouldn't have. Ewwwwww....a Spider!!! I've been told you have bigger bugs and creatures down there --- Ick, ick, shivery Ick!!!

As for the language, our oldest used the S-word several times when he was two. I just ignored it (hard though it was) and after a week, he dropped it. I need to watch what I say these days too, but sometimes, the situation just calls for the well-placed swear word LOL.

Lovely, lovely crochet!!!

sue said...

What gorgeous colors in the blanket you are making. Is it Zara yarn. I am sure it helps you to unwind after a long hard day at work too. I do feel for your hubby having to kill the huntsmen. I remember when we first moved to our house and there was a horribly large huntsman spider and I made my mum catch it. She put it out in the front yard and 2 days later guess who was back in side the house. I had to make sure Paul put it over the other side of the road the next time.

Laura said...

Jade! You have posted heaps since I last looked! And you finished the dress it's gorgeous... how can I bribe you for a copy of that pattern? And I love the scarfy thing too, very cute. :)

I'm hoping to get some sewing done at the new place with my new fancy shmancy overlocker... no excuses now.


PS: Thanks for coming up on Sunday.

Jelly Wares said...

The crochet is looking absolutely gorgeous Jade.... My mouth has been slipping a bit of late around my little princess too, must watch that... :)

Take Care