Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy days

I'd rather sew than exercise. That's nothing new. My near-new trainers which I got two months ago to play volleyball in are sleeping in a deepening dust pile. Must jog sometime soon! Next weekend maybe?

Either way, the weekend hasn't been a loss. I plundered my inordinate hoard of fairytale japanese fabrics and finished this cute quilt top for the kiddo's toddler bed.

I originally collected these to put as trim on smocks, back in the days when I sewed baby smocks. Seems so long ago. And she really needs a bigger quilt.

I just need to get some spotty flannel for the back, then send it away to be quilted.

Now, I'll retire to that worn-in dip in the couch to weave in these ends. So maybe not so lazy, hey?

Hope your weekend is good, too. Mine's the top banana.