Saturday, June 05, 2010

Craft weekend

Oops, didn't I mention? All that pattern tracing and paper cutting was in preparation for going away. To the sea side holiday house with these lovely peeps.

Another great weekend of sewing, eating and laughing last week was had by all. Thanks very much, ladies! I managed to forget about the kiddo and the geezer......which is ahh ummm, bad, but also good.

I had so much fun! I'm hanging out for the next one already.

For the rest of you bloggy peeps, here's the traditional feet portrait. I'll reveal what I whipped up next post


PS. Photos courtesy of Belinda, our resident pic-snapper and organiser.


Di said...

I'm glad you had a lovely weekend! Nothing better than a weekend of crafting!

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like great fun Jade -- can't wait to see what you've whipped up. And do you want to identify the feet??? ;-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great weekend Jade (I forgot about the hubby and the kid too...hooray!)