Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Bub's Tootsies

Well, this has got to be a record.......three blog posts in one day! Yeah, while the housework (what housework?!?!) goes out the door.

Just letting the folks at AAF know that I haven't forgotten the challenge and I'm still beavering away with the paintings. So here's my in progress work for #7. I posted about #6 here, and #3, #4, #5 are still being worked on. That's what happens when you do several at once.

This was what it looked like yesterday.

Then after the 4th layer this afternoon. Light's quite poor inside the studio and there was a thunderstorm raging outside at the time, so its much more yellow hued than it should.

I'll be finishing this next week, as I suspect I'll be sick of it by then.

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