Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another thank you post

To Jodie for these cute crochet hair pins she sent me. Thanks heaps!

I won a giveaway on her blog just for giving some sage advice about pricing.....was it just last week? That was quick! Anyway, miss, you didn't have to send me anything, but I'm happy you did!

On other news, there has been crafting, folks, just no finishing....not just yet. I've got about five projects here on the go (not including the two that are also on the to-do list, but not on the work table). Gah! Crafty multitasking may be my downfall, I think.

Cross your fingers, I'll have finished project photos tomorrow.....or I may have to pull out a meme for my next trick. He he he!



laura said...

Hi Jade
Love your side,keep going!
I am new to this "blog mailing"
Just made one myself>

de vliegende koe said...

Keep your spirits up dear Jade! You can do it! (a meme would be wonderful, are you going to invent one yourself?)

Di said...

Remember we are all out here desparately waiting to see what you create next (no pressure!!!)

cindy said...

All of this swappy goodness! Sounds like fun!! Can't wait to see your new projects!

Thimbleanna said...

Yeah, what Nicolette said -- invent a meme! LOL. I'm like you -- several projects going on -- but nothing finished. Sure glad I didn't sign up to post once a day -- the pressure would have been too much! You're doing a fabulous job!!!

posiepatchwork said...

See, what goes around, comes around, thanks to your PIF, i've started a competition for my PIF, what fun & games i'm having reading all the ideas.
Oh, such pin cushion envy from Peggy-Jean, she loves it too & i see it's on her preparation bench. Just too cute for just me to use. Love Posie

Jelly Wares said...

Thank you Jade!!!! I'm glad you got them but more importantly I'm glad that you like them... Don't be sill, your advice was great!!