Thursday, November 08, 2007

Armed with my pic-snapper

Funny how we all get so blase' about living in a pretty city! Because Sydney is indeed not too bad on the eyes. Fortunately, I remembered to bring the trusty pic-snapper during my morning outing......otherwise I would've just walked past this photogenic view.

I was walking out of Kinokuniya (where I actually experienced craft book saturation.....who would've thought?!) when I saw this view of the Queen Victoria Building.

It's quite a famous landmark here in Sydney, known for its architecture as much as for being a shopping destination. Nope, I didn't step foot inside........just oggled!

However, there is a reason for the gallivanting.....I was on the hunt for shanked buttons for a certain little girl's dress. Nope, not done yet, either!

Which then leads me to my favourite fabric shop of the moment. Tessuti, of course! (I am at heart a garment maker, when it comes to crafting. And as much as I like to shop online, I need to touch and feel the fabric) The Surry Hills store is loads bigger and better than the Wynyard branch, but since it was threatening to bucket down, I ended up at Wynyard. I did find those shanked buttons......

Of course, the fabrics are actually photo styling aids..........ahem.


de vliegende koe said...

Aren’t fabrics always styling aids? I love to see some photos of Sydney! I did see some before my cousins made while backpacking through Australia in 1996. I love the architecture!

Anonymous said...

Who would have know I was near the best book store in Sydney 18 months ago and didn't find it.
I will get back there one day.
Lovely pics of a beautiful building

Cathy said...

Sydney is one of my most favourite cities in the world. I love walking around all the old areas and even in the CBD itself.

I must come up and go to that book shop that you insist on mentioning all the time.

Joanna Butchart said...

photos of sydney are fab. IT is a place on my very long list to visit. the fabric on the left is wonderful

clara said...

Would love to step foot into this city. In fact I've relatives living in Sydney that I've never visited!