Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The finished painting..........

....is never quite the same as it appeared in my mind's eye. Take the following painting which I composed last year inspired from a number of details I found in several photos. I usually cutout the photos from travel/homewares/fashion/gardening magazines.

The overall picture was from the Vogue travel section, the statue in the background was from an InStyle magazine article on Europe and I was aiming for a French impressionist feel. All-in-all I'm quite happy with the piece now - it wasn't working for me back then.

Anyway, I started this blog for a number of reasons:

1) I'm at home on a year-long break looking after baby Camille (who is the most adorable little girl) and I need something else to pass the time between her waking hours

2) This is one of the only ways to reach the outside world from the comfort of my lounge without having to lug around the myriad of baby junk

3) It's not mindless passive entertainment........although it may be for you!

4) It's an area for me to "whiteboard" my ideas which might (?) inspire some artwork and/or paintings later on

So to any artists, budding or otherwise, out there who stumble on this blog, please feel free to let me know what are the everyday things/items/situations that inspire you.


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