Sunday, January 14, 2007

Illustration Friday - 80s

The first idea I had when I saw this week's theme was Wham, the music duo, then high waisted stonewash jeans, teased hair and those fluoro outfits we all had. But I was also a teenager in the 1980s and becoming more aware with what was happening outside my immediate sphere. So I thought to draw the one defining world event for me at the time, when I was on the cusp of maturity.

I remember picking up a copy of the Time magazine, which had a photo on the cover of a burnt out soiled baby soft toy hanging from the church steeple at Lockerbie in Scotland. This had made an indelible impression on me and I haven't forgotten.

* Apologies for the bad light. When I get the chance (and the dosh) I'll get the new hooley dooley camera and a scanner.


Terry Banderas said...

It is interesting that we picked the same topic for this theme. I always loved PanAm for some reason. Their tragedys always struck me hard. Thanks for your comment.

studio lolo said...

Powerful. It's nice you haven't forgotten the victims :)