Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A look at the plate

Not a lot of painting here today, except the priming of some canvas boards, which doesn't really count. Instead there has been a lot of ogling at fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop and thinking of projects for this, while I wait for the store to stock the fabric bolts....not till Feb.

But I've still been keeping busy with the making of these. The pattern is based on the one inside this book. I've also added some insulation batting to protect precious fingers. They were surprisingly easy to make. This pair will be going to a good friend on her birthday which is coming up soon.

As for the plate, well there is:

1) The 2nd kitty stuffie which needs a face and dress buttons.

2) Start on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th paintings all at once. I've hit on the idea of painting a scene from four different angles, but more on this later.

3) Cut up the bub's winter quilt and start sewing. I've already finished the design.

4) Start tossing ideas for a few other birthdays that are coming up fast and make those, too.

5) There's also some baby bibs waiting to be cut up and sewn.

6) Make a bag for my very first swap from this blog. This project is the only one with a real deadline.

Hmmm, have I put too much on?

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