Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Inspiration overload & the plate

So what have I got on the plate at the moment? Hmmm, lets list it all out.

1) Seven (yes yikes - this is not a typo) paintings for the summer studio challenge at the Australian Art Forum Started number 2

2) Two cat stuffies for two little girls turning two One down

3) Bibs for babies that are still in the oven. I'm making them for the showers, but there's no hurry here.

4) Finish the binding on the bub's carousel quilt. Being very slack at it, since its basically done and I'm just procrastinating on adding the finishing touches. This will probably end up being a present for one of the above mentioned babies. Poor bub! Finished

5) Start the grubby bub's winter cot quilt, of which I have the fabric sitting in the cabinet

6) Then there's the weekly Illustration Friday, which I'm loving at the moment

On top of all that, I'm still looking after both the grub and the geezer. Ah me! A woman's work is never done!

And while I'm trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, here's my inspiration boards which I look at every day. They're up on the studio, ahem, sunroom wall. I love just sitting at the PC and looking up at these. Nutty, I know!

Ciao for now!

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