Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Busy birthday month

Well, we're neck-deep into the month of March again. Where the four weeks before Christmas is always full of parties every single week, March for us is always full of birthdays......every....single.....week. There's the geezer's dad, my little cousin, one of my girl friends, another girl friend's daughter, my sister, my mum and me.

So I always wondered why?! It so happens that in times past...and I mean, a mere twenty years ago, it used to be quite fashionable to get hitched in the month of June. Because its the first month of the northern hemisphere summer and because of its good sunny-skies weather. Well, yes, June is a whole nine months before March. Uh huh, lots of wedding night nookie happening in times past, of course.

Which lets us smoothly segue into the current project pile, as I madly try to finish anything looking birthday present-ish.

Here's the list:-

  1. A bag for my sister dear
  2. Something for mum, maybe a pin cushion
  3. Small tote for my little cousin (done)
  4. Stuffie for my friend's daughter (done)
  5. Pouch/wristlet for a girl friend (done)
  6. Piecing our queen size quilt
  7. Start a new small painting...another trio, maybe

On top of all that, I saw this gorgeous blanket posted by another craft blogger (oops, I can't remember who, apologies!) and thought I want to make that. Now, since its been, oh maybe twenty years since I last did anything vaguely crochet-ish I thought I should probably do a refresher on the basics. Good idea! So off I went to my local patchwork shop up the road to cajole the owner into teaching me to granny square....and she did, ever so nicely too! I've been practicing since Monday and hopefully, once I get the hang of the correct tension, I can start playing with better yarn and better colours.

Rightyho, back to the work table for me!


Flibbertygibbet said...

The desire to learn to crochet is taking over my life! I'm getting a friend to teach me but I love the idea of going in to the shop and presenting yourself - 'here I am! Teach me!' lol

Jhoanna said...

Wow - you're busy! But you sure know how to make wonderful stuff! Love the fabric on the pouch and the crochet is looking great (couldn't crochet to save my life :-))