Saturday, March 31, 2007

The march of art

Its been a while since I posted anything artsy. That would be because the progress of my current painting, like everything else it seems, is very slow. However, while I left the geezer and bub to fend on their own today, I did manage to get a lot of layers done on it. If you recall, this was what it looked like a month ago.

I'll need to plan another two escape trips to lay down the final layers then it'll be finished. When its done, I think we'll hang it in the living room.

Onto crafty matters...whilst cutting and piecing the quilt that's engulfed my work table and my free time (have I mentioned THAT quilt enough on this blog? because I'm almost over it now) I've collected a boxful of scrap fabric, which I'm trying to use up with various small being the pin cushion from several posts ago and this one being a mini-moopy from Moopy & Me. It was quite a challenge stuffing those narrow arms and legs, since even my pinky finger doesn't fit in the opening, and I have skinny fingers. I had to use a chopstick to push the stuffing down. Methinks I'll use a different colour combination next time. I'd rate this at a diversion factor of two, for two hours from cold start to complete stuffie sitting in the cup.

I was attempting to link to the actual pdf pattern, but it appears not to work anymore. If I manage to link to it later on, I'll update you.

Arrived home this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find the bub having a quiet play in her cot. Here she is saying hello!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Edit: Carly from Moopy & Me has responded to my email letting me know that she's taken the pattern off line for the time being. So to all hangers-on, me included, she'll advise of updates to the pattern via her blog.


Thimbleanna said...

Ooohhhhh. Some lovely art! And I love your pincushion -- I think I'm feeling a pincushion kick coming on too. I went to Moopy&Me but didn't see the .pdf -- I must be missing it somewhere. Can you give the URL? Thanks!

Flibbertygibbet said...

what a little cutie she is.

I think the Minimoopy pattern is gone, I remember trying to find it again and thought it had been taken down.

miss marzie said...

Your little 'bub' is just gorgeous. You are a very clever lady, I love your stuff.

Biscuitbear said...

Only 2 hours to make the rabbit? You're fast! And that's an adorable creature in the cot.

Di said...

So talented! the painting, the Moopy and the pin cushion and of course the best work of art of all - the bub!! She is so cute!!

Melly said...

Yummy, yummy painting - its looking fabulous!